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Source code: https://github.com/jannef/asm_25_seconds

Developed during the Assembly Game Jam at Assembly Summer 2017, 25 Second Dungeon is an Android rogue-like puzzle dungeon crawling game.

You move your hero by swiping horizontally or vertically, and your aim is to collect the key and head for the exit. But beware! In these dungeons you will also find monsters! You can easily destroy weaker monsters by swiping through them, but be careful as they grow in power as you venture deeper into the depths of the 25 Second Dungeon!

ASM Game Jam 2017 Team:
Vision, design: Daewoong Moon
Programming, producer: Teemu Kokkonen
Programming: Janne Forsell
Graphics: Annakaisa Kultima
Graphics: Juho Korhonen

AuthorsI-H, AaKoo, JanneF, s1gnal_streams
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button


25s_dungeon_v.1.0_signed.apk 22 MB

Install instructions

Transfer the downloaded .apk to your phone and open it with the phone's file browser. You may need to enable installations of external applications from your settings.

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